The Egg Hunt

Croiky! Good onya for popping in! Today I’ll be taking you through the wilderness of the internet to explore and discover as many species of Eggs as we can. But be careful, it’s dangerous out there mates. In the wild there’s no telling what you’ll encounter, it’s best to keep your wits about yeah? So, follow me to explore your kitchens and plates, as we seek out these extraordinary creatures. It’s about to get Big Mobs of wild. Get your gear on, and we’ll give it a burl on The Egg Hunt.



hard boiled

Wow! Look at that rigid make-up! Buckley’s chance getting past those defenses eh? London to a brick the toughest of all the eggs we will encounter. These eggs use their unyielding protection to shield themselves from the predators. All boiled up hard on the inside that sometimes its own mates have trouble finding space in there.



soft boiled

These little dinky-di’s here are very like their hard-boiled cousin. With that hard exterior you’d think that they’d be tough inside, but that’d be a blue mate. You see, these creatures are actually softer on the inside and melt out to fill the pores of your toast. Making it taste beaut, but only if you break it open. Fair Warning though: once you open these suckers, the insides might go everywhere if you aren’t prepared.




Now if you get with this one here, it’ll be sure to cost big bikkies. This is the classiest and most extravagant of eggs. Truly regal but also extremely ferocious. An egg fit for the royal family. Forget table-side manners and this egg will whip you into shape. Break a couple rules, and this egg will have you under the guillotine lickety-split. But although their appearances are lavish and plentiful, they remain fragile with no support on the inside for such beautiful external façades.




Light, gentle, and fun to customize. These creatures like to take in their surroundings and adapt to their environment. Some call them the chameleons of the egg world. They can please everyone around them and contort to any shape to avoid attackers. But sometimes they contort just a bit too much; eventually becoming unrecognizable as their former omelet species.




What’s that half a click away…Oh! A Scramble! The scramble species is all over the wild. They are the most adventurous and unpredictable of the entire egg kingdom. Fun-loving specimens that are always down for the get down. They tend to love mixing it up and getting all over the pan. If you get up early enough in the morning, you can find this egg putting on a pair of un-matching socks, in a frenzy looking for their keys. They live a life of constant motion, sometimes unable to stop, even to enjoy the moments that truly matter.


Aces ladies and gents! It’s truly been going off. Unfortunately, that’s all the time we have for today’s expedition into the cholesterol kingdom today. I apologize for not having a fair go at all the species out there but I hope this has all been good oil forya!

But before I walkabout, I have another important tidbit for you.

Does anyone know how all these eggs start their life?


That’s right.

regular egg

 Like this.


When an egg is hatched, nature doesn’t tell it what to do.

When an egg is hatched, nature doesn’t choose who it will become.

All these eggs begin as a regular ol’ eggs. It’s up to them to determine what kind of egg they want to be from there. And if it doesn’t work out on the first try, they still have eleven other chances to get it right.


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